Other Sessions and Courses

Other Sessions/Courses

Periodically throughout the year, we offer gentle yoga, independent workshops on MELT (Myofascial Energetic Length Technique), and other subjects. These courses are provided at an additional cost as they are separate from our regular small group training (although some are FREE) and are available with or without a studio membership. See our Facebook page for upcoming offerings.


Presented in 6 or 8 week courses, our gentle yoga is a mixture of flowing movements, standing postures, and longer held stretches. Each class is designed to teach the basic poses and to introduce some meditation and breathing exercises. All levels of fitness are welcome and no previous yoga experience necessary. Yoga improves balance, flexibility, and core strength, and helps promote relaxation.

Tai Chi

Originating in ancient China, Tai Chi is a martial art embracing the mind, body and spirit. Gentle and flowing in nature, it is one of the most researched forms of exercise and has been proven as one of the most effective for health of the mind and body. Appropriate for all levels of fitness, we teach the Yang style 24 short form and focus solely on Tai Chi as exercise – no woo woo stuff! Improve your balance, feel better and enjoy moving with our progressive 30 minute (beginner) and 45 minute (advanced) classes.

Ageless Grace

This 40 minute brain fitness class is based on the science of neuroplasticity that activates all five functions of the brain – analytical, strategic, kinesthetic learning, memory/recall, creativity/imagination – and simultaneously addresses all 21 physical skills needed for lifelong optimal function.

The program consists of 21 simple tools that are based on everyday movements that are natural and organic, focusing on healthy longevity of the body and mind. The movements are designed to be performed in a chair so almost anyone can do them, regardless of most physical limitations.

MELT (Myofascial Energetic Length Technique)

MELT helps to alleviate chronic pain by rehydrating connective tissues and relieving long-held tension in the body. The techniques are easy to learn, and results can be felt after the very first time you try it! Changes in alignment, flexibility, energy, mood, and performance occur within only a few sessions. Take charge of your health and become your own “Hands-Off Bodyworker” with the methods learned in Lisa’s MELT workshops.