Small Group Personal Training

Why choose ProActive Fitness?

Because you hate to be lost in the crowd and feel anonymous or ‘like a number’. We offer 30 minute sessions for Foundations, Beginner and general Small Group and cap them at 6 participants, maximum. Higher level HIIT and Bootcamp sessions are capped at 8 and 10, respectively. You’ll get individual attention and our trainers can modify exercises for any limitations you may have.

Small-Group Sessions


Going back to the basics, you will learn how to properly perform the most important movement patterns. Working closely with the trainer in a group of 4 people, max, you will develop proper technique for the fundamental movement patterns such as squats, deadlifts, and rows. With the use of some equipment, but often just your own bodyweight, you will develop the muscle strength, balance, coordination, and muscle endurance to perform the movements safely and efficiently. These sessions are great for anyone to learn how to move properly and pain free.


Safely developing proper movement patterns will be the focus in these sessions. The exercises will engage the whole body as well as provide a bit of cardio in the 30 minute sessions. The goal is to develop your balance, coordination, and strength while providing movement education in an engaging and fun environment. You will develop your skills, movements, and confidence while working closely with the trainer. This is a great session for anyone at any age to get started.

Small Group

These sessions focus on functional training using a variety of equipment and exercises. Sessions will also focus on improving balance, power, flexibility, coordination and core strength. There will be brief bursts of cardio to get your heart rate up. Appropriate for intermediate and advanced level exercisers, you will leave feeling great and closer to your goals.

H.I.I.T. (High Intensity Interval Training)

Using more basic movements, you will work through intervals to increase your heart rate. The simple full body exercises will allow you to work out at a faster pace which will help to build your cardiovascular endurance. High Intensity Interval Training can sound scary but this session is for everyone at all levels. These sessions are great for heart health, reducing cardiovascular disease, and a multitude of other great benefits. Thirty minutes of HIIT will leave you feeling accomplished!

Advanced Boot Camp

These sessions have more clients, with a cap of 10 participants, and are 45 minutes long. Experienced exercisers will love the variety and the challenge of this fast-paced workout where you will work on all aspects of your fitness, including muscle strength and endurance, coordination, core strength, and dynamic stability. The more advanced exercises in this session will give a full body workout while continuing to test and develop your basic movement patterns. Best of all, you’ll find this tough workout FUN!


These sessions will help to “loosen up” tight muscles, increase your flexibility, and give you a greater range of motion. Using lacrosse or tennis balls, foam rollers, APT bands and straps, the trainer will guide you through a variety of muscle releases and exercises. With a slower pace and a greater focus on breathing, you will be able to ask questions and work with the trainer to make sure you can get into a position that works best for you. These sessions allow up to 8 participants and run 30 minutes in length. You can pair this with another small group training session or high intensity interval session to make sure you continue to stay flexible, limber, and feeling your best.

Private Small Group

Talk to us about setting up your own regular small group training session with a group of your friends!