Meet Our Staff


Owner / Trainer /
Tai Chi Instructor

After a long career as a Medical Cytotechnologist, Shelley got certified as a Personal Trainer in 2009 to indulge her passion for fitness and helping others. Over time, her focus has changed from training younger clients, interested mainly in aesthetics, to training middle-aged and mature clients who are more concerned with improving their “do-ability” or function in everyday tasks or recreational activities.

In 2014, Shelley became Saskatchewan’s first certified Functional Aging Specialist and decided that Saskatoon was ready for a fitness facility dedicated to the 50+ client. She said goodbye to the hospital job for good, opening ProActive Fitness in October 2015, and now enjoys encouraging her staff and clients to be their personal best!


  • Functional Aging Specialist – FAI
  • Barefoot Training Specialist, Level 1 – EBFA
  • Personal Training Specialist – CanFit Pro
  • Certified Instructor (with Distinction) – Open the Door to Tai Chi
  • CPR Level A & AED


Lead Trainer

Kirstie joined Shelley at ProActive Fitness two weeks after it opened because she loved the mission to “change the way Saskatoon ages.” She specializes in finding fun ways to educate and help clients move better so they can have the best quality of life possible – to continue to do things like gardening, travelling and playing with grandkids.

Prior to joining ProActive Fitness, Kirstie worked for six years at the First Step program at the Saskatoon
Fieldhouse, where she discovered a passion for training older adults. When she isn’t training, she’s
baking or enjoying time at the lake fishing with her fiancée and family.


  • B.Sc.(Kinesiology) (University of Saskatchewan)
  • Certified Exercise Physiologist (Canadian Society of Exercise Physiologists)
  • Functional Aging Specialist (Functional Aging Institute)
  • Functional Movement Screen, Level 1
  • Barefoot Training Specialist Level 1 (Evidence Based Fitness Academy)


Trainer / Programming Director

Avery grew up living in a healthy, active home environment. His mother fuelled his interest in healthy eating and living, as she is a certified dietitian and fitness instructor, while his father coached him in youth sports, fuelling Avery’s passion for activity.

He has double Bachelor’s degrees in Kinesiology and Education from the University of Saskatchewan. He loves to learn new skills and techniques and use them in his own training sessions and  then pass on knowledge to clients.

Avery’s teaching style is high energy and creative, and it reinforces the basics of good biomechanical movement. Our programming guru – he strives to develop and build strength, mobility, core stability/balance, motor control and cognitive aspects into all of the workouts.


  • B.Sc. Kinesiology, B.Ed  (University of Saskatchewan)
  • Personal Training Specialist (CanFit Pro)
  • Functional Aging Specialist (FAI)
  • Barefoot Training Specialist Level 1 (Evidence Based Fitness Academy)
  • Original Strength Coach Level 1 (Original Strength)
  • Programming for Limitations Certified – Training the Older Adult
  • First AID – CPR level C & AED


Trainer / Admin

Rebecca found her passion in working with mature clients by working at First Step and Minds in Motion shortly after graduating from Kinesiology in 2017. She loves keeping up on the research about the countless benefits of physical activity at any age. 

Rebecca grew up playing many sports (primarily Basketball, Soccer, Gymnastics, Irish dancing, and Tae Kwon Do). She comes from a family of medical, fitness and teaching professionals and she decided to combine all of those things to become a Kinesiologist/Fitness Instructor after High School.

A stickler for proper form, Rebecca is a creative trainer that likes to incorporate what may seem to be random, “funky” movements, but they are all programmed with purpose to help clients move and perform better in their everyday activities!


  • B.Sc. (Kinesiology)
  • Certified Exercise Physiologist – CSEP
  • Functional Aging Specialist – FAI
  • Certified Brain Health Trainer – Somatiq
  • CPR Level C and AED



Kent grew up in a small town playing every sport that was available to him (hockey, baseball, football, curling, track and field, and volleyball). It was through playing these sports that he learned that he wanted others to help achieve their fitness goals.

Since earning his Bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology from the University of Saskatchewan, Kent has worked in the fitness industry for 10 years, mostly at the PAC at the U of S, training athletes and everyday people. He has a passion for fitness and enjoys learning new things.


  • B.Sc. (Kinesiology) (University of Saskatchewan)
  • Certified Personal Trainer – CPT (Canadian Society of Exercise Physiologists)
  • CPR Level C and AED



Blaine’s entire life has centered around health & wellness, stemming from his passion for an active lifestyle. Years of playing various sports at a very high level which then led to many years of coaching volleyball, track & field, baseball, & soccer reinforced Blaine’s core belief in continuous improvement. He is a firm believer in motivation through positive reinforcement, developing one’s self-confidence and managing expectations by developing client-driven goals & objectives.

Aside from training, Blaine is an experienced nutrition coach. The two combined have provided Blaine with a sound philosophy of holistic lifestyle management. He is a strong advocate of improving one’s strength, flexibility, balance and body awareness through the use of a wide range of functional movement patterns.


  • Master of Business Administration (Athabasca University)
  • Certified Personal Training Specialist – CanFit Pro
  • Functional Aging Specialist – FAI
  • First Aid – CPR Level C & AED



Cathy retired from a career at the University of Saskatchewan, College of Medicine in June of 2018.

A lifelong fitness participant, Cathy has participated in yoga, step aerobics, pickleball and dance. She works out at ProActive three mornings per week then helps out on the front desk after her workout. It’s win-win! She’s also an avid reader and book club participant.

Cathy says she loves working at ProActive. She loves the staff, the members and the energy she feels when she is there working out or just working!!