Love, Love, Love, Shelley. She is so knowledgeable! I love the fact that her expertise and passion is for the more mature client. Every session is geared specifically for me and my capability. I know that I am becoming stronger because of her!
— Mary D., 76

I am retired and know I need to work for a fitness level that enables me to take active vacations, and play with my granddaughters. Shelley’s classes have helped me achieve a much higher level of fitness than I have ever had, and the confidence to know I can do even more. Attending these classes is the best part of my week. They are small enough to allow for correction of technique, and provide a friendly and supportive atmosphere.
— Pat M., 66

Wow, thanks Shelley. I wanted to tell you how much I enjoy your gym and how I have already noticed improvements in my flexibility, strength and posture! Results are a great satisfier!
— Deb C., 60

Before I started working with ProActive Fitness, I was just a few pounds away from being obese and could not motivate myself to maintain any kind of fitness program. I avoided going up stairs or walking any distance and I never knelt down or sat on the floor, because it was such a huge struggle to stand up again. I started attending two 30-minute ProActive sessions a week and began noticing big improvements in as little as three weeks. Now, I’m excited to say I’ve lost almost 30 pounds and several inches from all over my body, I no longer avoid stairs or walking, and I can kneel down or sit on the floor, then stand back up without even thinking about it. My energy has skyrocketed and I am no longer living with the physical constraints that had been dictating my life. I’m feeling stronger and healthier than I have for years!
— Carol R., 67

My sister-in- law had told me about ProActive and the great results she was having. I decided to give it a try. Within several weeks, I was noticing a difference. The first thing I noticed was I walked better. I kept up the pace and had more stamina. I noticed my strength had increased and my balance was so much better. I like the variety built into each session and I never dread going. In fact, it’s the opposite, I actually look forward to my group sessions!
— Julie E., 61

Before I started at ProActive Fitness, I had low energy and had chronic pain due to a few car accidents. I struggled with numbness and pain in my shoulders and my knees were so bad, I couldn’t do activities requiring me to bend my knees. Physiotherapy, chiropractic and massage helped somewhat, but I knew I had to do more to strengthen my muscles and hoped this training would help alleviate the pain. Attending 2 classes a week at ProActive Fitness has made me stronger, lessened the pain and has given me more energy. The trainers at ProActive Fitness can modify any exercise to accommodate each individual’s strengths and weaknesses and Shelley has been fantastic, guiding me towards proper food choices, which has also helped me to lose weight.
— Theresa G., 52

I knew it was time to move on, having been enrolled at the same gym for several years and not seeing any improvement in my fitness level. I was bored with the routine so I was not motivated to go regularly. I was looking for a place that was geared to my fitness needs as a mature adult and to work with someone who would provide some support for the work I had been doing with a physiotherapist. I found that when I joined ProActive Fitness. I enjoy the camaraderie of the small group sessions and the enthusiasm of the trainers which keeps me motivated to attend regularly. After a working out twice a week for just 2 months, I noticed gardening tasks like raking were easier. We like to take day hikes when we travel so after about three months at ProActive, I noticed my legs were stronger and I had more stamina when hiking. I’m pleased with my progress to date.
— Valerie M., 62