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What's included with my Membership?

Consistency Club

Complete 10 workouts a month, to be entered into a monthly draw for a prize from the Win Bin! 

Workouts can be in-studio, Zoom, or any of our on-demand workouts (just make sure to check the box underneath and submit your name so we know you did it!). 

If you complete 12 months with 10 workouts each month in a calendar year, you get a prize at the end of the year! Last year was Consistency Club sweatshirts - available only to those who complete the challenge. Missed a month? No problem, we give you one "get out of jail free card" because life happens. 

Personal Progress Checks

Members get 2 personal progress checks in a membership year. These are 30 minute meeting with your coach. To schedule a progress check email and your coach will reach out to schedule a meeting.

These can be used to discuss concerns/questions with certain movements/exercises, discuss goals, and go over corrective exercises.

On Demand Training

Want to get some movement in? Travelling? Maybe you need another session for Consistency Club... On Demand is pre-recorded workouts by our trainers that you can do when and where it works for you.


Choose from Mobility, Low Impact/Chair, No Equipment, and a handful of other options. 

Want it to count towards Consistency Club? Check the box underneath the video and submit your name to let us know you put in the work!

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For pricing and more information, please contact us.

Need help? Have Questions? 

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